Attention: Health & Fitness Coaches

3 new clients per month for you hair restoration clinic | Guaranteed

Or you don’t pay us

Dear hair restoration business owner

Here are the benefit


We aim to make worries about getting clients history for your clinic.


We won't bother you with queries every 5 seconds. Sit back and service the clients we bring.

Pay for results

If we don't hit the agreed targets - you don't pay us. In fact, we will work for free until we hit the target.

The only agency led by health professionals

Led by experts

As far as we know, we are the ONLY agency in the world led by health professionals who worked in hair restoration space.

Client's language

Because we are expert-led; we speak the customer's language, building trust and authority for you and your business.

minimum 3 new clients

We set ourselves a goal of getting you 3 new clients per month as a minimum - completely pay-on-result

Our Goals For you

Steady supply

We want to help you grow a steady supply of new clients every month. "No feast or famine"


If you decide you want to scale up; we will make this happen by tweaking our work for this new goal.

Crush the competition

We want you to be the market leader in your city and country within 6-12 months of working with us.

Jibril is co-founder of khayamarketing.  He is senior pharmacist with long experience in the hair loss space.  He worked at a leading clinic in London.  He also owns a leading Youtube channel and website and has written a book on hair restoration.  

Good people. Great work

Key People

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