Attention: Health & beauty brand owners

We produce Pharmacist-led infomercial videos that drive sales better than Ads or influencers.

Even for new brands

Let's skyrocket your sales

The benefits

Expert credibility

All of our videos are done by qualified health professionals, which brings instant credibility to your product.

Evergreen content

Some of the videos we filmed in 2016 are still bringing in tens of thousands of views every month

Boost Conversions

According to recent stats, expert-led infomercials convert up to 4 times more than other types of content.

Who we help

Health Brands

Use our videos on your Youtube channel to rank for important searches

Beauty Brand owners

showcase the scientific benefits of your brand to drive higher conversions.

Well being brand owners

Visually engage your audience with a hands on video review of your product.

Types of content we make

Product Review infomercials

5-10min long expert-led hands on review that are ideal for Youtube, or embed on website.

UGC style content

For brands who prefer this style, we do this too. Everything from finding the talent, script and editing.

Short & snappy content

We work with agencies and brand owners to product short form ads and content.

Case Studies

Our biggest success so far! 1.8 MILLION views and counting! This vitamin brand was able to ride this enormous wave of traffic, and enjoy their most profitable year in decades.

Another monster hit at nearly 400K views. Our client was a very small brand so the strategy was to do a “comparison” style video against a much more widely known brand in the same niche.  The client experienced a 117% spike in traffic as video took off.

This organic brand was struggling getting any conversions through paid traffic.  With out first video we were able to get more views than any video on their own channel! with a predictable spike in sales.

Sample Content

Clips from a hugely successful promo for a client in the organic oil space. 64000 views and counting on YouTube!

The man with 1 million youtube views! Jibril is the founder of khayamarketing, and chief strategist.  His product review videos engage, educate and off course – sell! He has extensive expertise in the hair niche.

Vadim is our resident senior video editor.  He has been churning out world class youtube videos for 11 years.

Good people. Great work

Key People

we love them

what our clients have to say

Thanks to the strategy by the team, i am getting so many more sales from my tiny youtube channel.
Eric Cordoe
Health store owner

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Just some of the companies either us or our consultants worked with